On the border between the Primorska and the Gorenjska regions, in the embrace of forests of the Jelovica plateau and at the edge of the Julian Alps, spanning at the altitude between 1,287m and 1,550m, lies a true mountain beauty, Soriška planina.

The small and pleasant holiday centre, just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque village Sorica, offers plenty of activities, spectacular views and complete relaxation throughout the year.

In winter, Soriška planina operates as a ski resort, which thanks to its favourable position and diverse terrain brings winter joy to all generations. There are five lifts operating within the ski resort, i.e. the children’s rope tow Lucija, three drag lifts and the 2-seat chair lift Lajnar. In addition to Alpine skiing on ten kilometres of ski trails, visitors can also enjoy backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing on well-tended trails that cross the forests of Jelovica, sledding, snow shoe walking and winter hiking over the surrounding peaks. Other services provided also include a ski school and sports equipment rental, as well as a range of other winter activities, from children’s entertainment programmes to adrenaline adventures. Thanks to its easy access, children’s rope tow and excellent visibility, the ski resort is appropriate for families, for learning the very first skiing moves, outdoor schools, ski courses and competitions, recreational and professional skiing. Soriška planina has two approved trails where many renowned names of Slovenian and international Alpine skiing sharpened their skills, and which are also appropriate for training sessions of young skiers as well as more challenging competitions. Additionally, recreational skiers, groups, friends, companies or each person individually, either for fun or for real, can test themselves on a self-measuring ski run. To make the winter idyll complete, every full moon, sled riders are invited to torch-lit sledding, and when there’s plenty of snow, children can enjoy the winter playground and learning paths, while parents sip warm tea and get into some winter mischief with their youngsters.